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Super separator system
  • The separator system is designed to remove light contaminants from various types of grain.
  • Grain cleaning after harvest, before storage, after storage, and degermed maize before milling are examples of typical usage.
  • Maize, soybeans, wheat, barley, peas, rice, and other common grain types can be aspirated.
  • Impurities include dust, chaff, husks, and other lightweight particles.


  • No interchangeable screens or sieves
  • Inline system
  • Highly adaptable for various grain types and impurities
  • Optimal grain distribution and separation
  • Can be adjusted to client requirements
  • Gentle handling of product

Technical information



System design

Compact, energy-efficient, inline design


1.38m x 0.25m x 0.7m

Throughput rate

7 tonnes/hour with various grain types


3CR12 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or mild steel

System regulation

A butterfly valve is implemented on the fan outlet to adjust the operating conditions


The inlet vanes sub-assembly is designed to prevent clogging

Flow regulation

A false air inlet is used for airflow regulation

Optimal airflow

Inlet vanes for uniform and normalized airflow

Particle flow

Internal deflector plates to guide particle movement

Fan type

Centrifugal fan


The inlet vanes are bolted onto the aspirator to simplify cleaning and maintenance

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Industry tested results

The aspirator achieved a maximum separation efficiency of 96% with 15% grain losses, and 79% efficiency without any grain losses.