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Pneumatic conveying line
  • Pneumatic blow or suction solution
  • Cyclones separate solids from the conveyor air stream using centrifugal force and gravity
  • Filter receivers for low- to high-capacity applications
  • Available in mild steel with durable industrial finishes, or stainless steel finished to standards required for industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications


  • Used to safely transfer powders having wide ranging bulk densities, as well as flakes, pellets, capsules, and other friable materials
  • Conveys various type of products – from powders to bulk granular materials


  • A pneumatic intake and conveying line
  • A discharge cyclone
  • A pneumatic blower
  • A double flap valve or rotary airlock below cyclone receiver
  • Flexible routing – vertical and in any horizontal direction
  • Short or long-distance conveying
  • Wide throughput range
  • Enclosed and dust-free system
  • Highly reliable solution
  • Easy maintenance
  • 24-hours local maintenance support

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