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Ribbon blenders
  • Blender is mounted on supports providing adequate discharge clearance
  • Range in capacity between 500l & 3 000l, but not restricted to it
  • Mixing time between 4 – 7 minutes


  • Used for mixing all dry foods products, nutraceuticals, protein powder mixes, dry juice mixes, chemicals, fertilizer, insecticides, colorants, resins and polymers
  • Blending large volumes of dry solids
  • Most effective in mixing product of a similar size, shape and density


  • U-shaped trough blender
  • Double spiral shaft configuration
  • Economically designed machine capable of providing years of low maintenance mixing
  • Central ingredients access lid with safety grid
  • Heavy duty outboard bearings
  • Wide range of gate / discharge options
  • 24-hours local maintenance support

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