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Sweeping micro feeder
  • Manufactured from food grade stainless steel
  • Sweeper at the bottom of the bin activates the flow of product
  • Vertical sides of bin ensure no bridging of product
  • Screw inlet and length of bin ensures that bin empties completely
  • Servo motor screw drive controls gravimetric feeding
  • One single-point load cell allows accurate gravimetric feeding


  • Accurately micro-dosing of high-value granular product
  • Sweeper at bottom allows for feeding of difficult-flowing products
  • Examples of products include spice, sugar, salt, vitamins & minerals, etc.


  • Vertical sides and large bottom of bin optimises bin volume and work well where height is a constraint
  • Hygienic design with quick release and tool-less strip of feeder enables easy cleaning
  • Tool-less removal of screw and servo motor
  • Sweeper can also be incorporated into large-diameter storage hoppers/silos

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