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Twin shaft paddle mixers
  • Production capacities from 1 tonne/hour upwards
  • Sizes; 100l, 250l, 500l, 1000l, 2000l
  • Power requirement ranging between 5 kW and 37 kW
  • Can be used to directly feed downstream equipment i.e packaging line, extruders etc.


  • High efficiency mixing of dry ingredients
  • Can be used as stand-alone batching and mixing system
  • Can be integrated with the control system of processing plant


  • Fast mixing – 45-60 seconds per batch
  • High accuracy mixing
  • Quick discharge of 2-10 seconds
  • Fully automated PLC control system
  • Available in epoxy coated mild steel, 3Cr12 stainless steel or 304 stainless steel
  • 24-hours local maintenance support
  • IOT enabled

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