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Vacuum coating system
  • Product batch capacity of 100l
  • Stainless steel or food safe epoxy coated options available
  • Coater enclosure size: 2100mm long, 1400mm wide, 2700mm high
  • Total power consumption of 7kW


  • Core penetrating coating system for food and feed applications
  • Drastically increase the amount of coating liquid absorbed compared to surface coating


  • Adjustable vacuum pressure and release time to suit application
  • Multiple liquids can be applied in stages
  • Automatic weighing of the product and measuring the liquid achieves accurate mixture
  • Versatile operation with multiple recipes that can be stored
  • Homogenisation is ensured by delicate handling and even coating prior to vacuum release
  • Full discharge of product by inverting entire mixer and rotating the paddles during discharge
  • Cleaning cycle is built into the control system
  • Complete compact and hygienic design
  • Low energy consumption

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