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Vacuum conveyor
  • Made of mid-steel/304SS/316SS (Depending on application)
  • Reverse pulse jet for filter cleaning
  • Quick fit twist-and-fix cartridge filter
  • Lean or dense-phase conveying applications
  • Modular design for flexibility
  • Product conveying throughput up to 1500 kg/hour


  • Can be used to transport a range of different dry bulk materials and products
  • Gentle material handling, thereby limiting the segregation of material with different bulk-densities
  • Conveying from several starting points to one receiver
  • Enclosed (dust-free) conveying system to avoid any product loss or contamination
  • Direct conveying into a receiver hopper with no product emissions


  • Product is conveyed at a lower velocity to ensure softer handling
  • Light-weight and hygienic design for easy cleaning
  • Minimised segregation of mixed products
  • Minimised wear of pipeline and bends
  • Modular design to interconnect equipment
  • Toolless cleaning and maintenance – hygienic design
  • Energy efficient

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