Extrusion SYSTEMS


Extrusion has become a popular technology for processing and cooking of grains and pulses. Extrusion is a continuous high pressure and high temperature cooking process that is used to produce ready to eat products such as instant porridges, breakfast cereals, puffed snacks, pet foods and aqua feeds. Latest developments focused on meat analogues from plant-based proteins.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is extrusion?
Generally, extrusion is defined as a process of forcing material through a defined opening. For this to happen, the material must be either completely or partly in a fluid form so that it doesn’t block the opening when operating under reasonable pressure conditions. Examples of extruded foods include pastas, breakfast cereals, cookie dough, potato chips, baby food, dry pet food and ready-to-eat snacks.
What are the advantages of food extrusion?
  • Enable the production of safe, affordable nutritious foods

  • Continuous cooking process

  • No waste streams

  • Local beneficiation of local produce

  • Energy efficient

  • Improved textural and flavour characteristics of foods.

  • Cost effective food processing

How do twin-screw extruders differ from single screw extruders?

The twin-screw extruder was developed to overcome the limitations of the single screw extruder. Twin-screw extruders are 1.5 to 2.5 times more expensive to acquire. However, they provide the following advantages:

  • Twin-screw extruders offer greater flexibility – it can handle a much wider variety of materials.

  • TSE’s Twin-screw extruders have a uniform shear rate across the channel depth, a narrower residence time distribution, and better mixing and heat exchange capabilities.

  • Twin-screw extruders are easy to operate, control and are more flexible and less complex.

  • Twin-screw extruders are “self-cleaning”.

  • Reduced start-up and shut-down costs, which will save time and money especially on high volume production lines.

  • It is possible to achieve better product quality with a twin-screw extruder.

Why invest in CFAM’s extruders and food processing equipment?

The following features make CFAM extruders ideally suited for the African continent:

  • It has been designed and manufactured in Africa for Africa.

  • It is competitively priced.

  • The extruders have been designed to be modular – several different products can be made on the same extruder.

  • The extrusion plants are built and commissioned at the CFAM premises and tested thoroughly. The extrusion plant is then dispatched to the client’s site where it can be installed and commissioned within a short period of time.

  • To ease the maintenance burden and cost most of the components can be purchased from local outlet shops.

  • CFAM can perform maintenance work on the equipment and consequently, plants will not be affected by breakdowns for long periods of time.