The food industry has seen massive growth over the years. The total revenue in the snacks industry is at a whopping US$449,000 in 2021 globally. Whether that’s down to a growing population or changes in eating habits and preferences, there’s no doubt that snack items are in huge demand everywhere.

This makes it a tremendous opportunity for businesses in the food industry to capitalize on. Identifying what the consumers want and providing them just that is the simplest way for a business to succeed.

Some businesses tend to go the extra mile and try to be creative regarding their food items. One way of doing that is by partnering with a food extrusion technology company. They are experts at processing raw food materials into finely shaped final products, which can help a business gain a competitive advantage.

Here are the things a business needs to consider before selecting a food extrusion company.

Capability to Handle Different Food Products

Since there are different kinds of extruders, you must ensure the extrusion company provides the right equipment to handle the needs of the food item you have.

Single-screw extruders are more suited to be animal feed extrusion machines. They have a lower capacity, which can help the business lower their costs by only choosing as per their requirements.

On the other hand, twin-screw extruders are better for a wider range of food items, including human food, aqua feeds, and pet food.

Process Efficiency & Focus on Food Nutrition

For food products cooked at high temperatures, food extrusion does wonders with its short cooking time. The following are the benefits of its high-temperature short time (HTST) process:

  • Harmful organisms are eliminated
  • Digestibility improves
  • Anti-nutrients eliminated

Wrapping it all up, the basic things you should look for in a food extrusion company is how well their machines are equipped to handle different food products and how streamlined their process is.

Whether you’re a profit-seeking business entity or a non-profit organization looking to solve the food insecurity issues in Africa, CFAM International makes sure to deliver high-quality food extrusion equipment to help you effectively fulfil your aims. We also provide 24 hours maintenance and support.

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