Extrusion, a commonly used feed, and food processing technology, involves pushing food items through small slots using a series of screws (or a single screw), which are then baked at high pressure and temperature before being enclosed inside a barrel.

Most snack and food companies now use extrusion to create final goods. Food extrusion is a considerably more efficient and compact process than traditional production, requiring more time, money, and equipment. The technique offers greater flexibility, permitting seamless transitions between multiple recipes and significant labor, energy, equipment, and space savings.

While single-screw and twin-screw extruders are both utilized in the food business, twin-screw extruders provide more flexibility, control, and accuracy. In the food business, twin-screw extrusion has become very popular due to its multiple advantages. We’ll look at them in this blog.

1. Offers More Process Flexibility

Because of their ability to handle various processing functions simultaneously, such as combining, melting, mixing, cooking, freezing, venting, and so on, twin-screw extruders provide a higher level of flexibility in processing. Comparatively, a single-screw extruder relies on the flow and speed of the one functioning screw. When it pertains to various processing operations, screw configurations are likewise limited.

2. Has Better Mixing Capability

Interpenetrating screws and a variety of specific screw designs, such as gear mixer, backward screw components, and knead blocks, are used in twin-screw extruders to allow exact modification of the amount of mixing or shearing. This gives you more control over the intensity and quality of your mixing.

Single-screw extruders, again, can only mix a small amount of material. This causes flow constraints, which ultimately decrease the extruder’s output.

3. Better Product Productivity

Twin-screw extruders are far more adaptable than single-screw extruders and, therefore, can manage a wider range of mixed formulas, raw materials, or complicated recipes. Furthermore, twin-screw extruders do not experience performance drops when the screws wear out, unlike single-screw extruders.

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