The food extrusion process is incredibly beneficial for the production of a wide variety of foods that we consume daily. It’s a sustainable and versatile technology that combines several unit operations into a single integrated process, including cooking, heating, forming, and shaping. It forces all melted ingredients through a ‘die’ opening or perforated plate which is typically designed specifically for the food being shaped.

Although food extrusion is relatively an advanced cooking technique, it has been widely used to produce an incredibly broad range of edibles we consume on a daily basis. It’s notably used in the confectionary, bakery, dairy, and cereal industries as they rely on formulations that are easily extruded under optimal pressure in the system. Food extruders, whether single-screwed or double-screwed, help achieve the texture, taste, consistency and nutrients that are acceptable for consumption.

Before delving into a list of extruded food products, let’s briefly understand how the extrusion process benefits the food industry in general.

  • It helps integrate a variety of diverse processes.
  • It enhances digestibility of nutrients, such as proteins.
  • It eliminates harmful microbesand anti-nutrients.
  • It offers enhanced functionality and on-site processing capabilities.

Wondering How To Get Started On Efficient Food Extrusion Development?

Experts at CFAM Technologies (Pty) Ltd, a food extruder technology company, can help streamline extrusion technology development at your food processing or waste processing plant. Whether you need lab scale twin-screw extruders, single-screw extruders, aqua feed and pet food extrusion or food extrusion equipment, you can browse our wide range of world-class products to get your hands on sophisticated extrusion technology.

We provide revolutionary food and feed processing technological systems that enable you to manufacture a wide range of products, including but not limited to:

  • Healthy vegetable-dense cereal snacks
  • Snacks made from sorghum or chickpea
  • Breakfast cereals, such as flakes or filled cereals
  • Savory snacks, such as chips, crackers, and croutons
  • Porous powders
  • Novel and textured protein-based products
  • Cereal-based baby foods
  • Pre-cooked flours
  • Pet foods
  • Breakfast shakes
  • Aqua feed, and more

We also offer extruder operation and maintenance, extruder operational training, specialized machine designs and industrial equipment and supplies. Get in touch with us to learn more.