Food preparation through extrusion is a multi-functional thermo-mechanical method that has exploded in popularity in the food processing industry in recent years. It’s one of the most tried-and-true strategies that has stood the test of time. The extrusion process has become more refined and sophisticated as technology has progressed.

In this blog, let’s take a look at how modern extrusion technology has impacted the food processing industry.

Extrusion in the Food Processing Industry

By the end of 2022, the worldwide food extrusion market is expected to reach USD 68.38 billion, divided by food products. Food processing technology is utilized in various fields of processed food manufacturing, including pasta, cereals, ready-to-eat snacks, pre-made cookie dough, and so on. It’s utilized in the production of aquatic feeds and pet foods as well.

The extruder machines are made to handle a wide range of ingredients to process items that consumers want. The procedure entails forcing materials to flow under a variety of circumstances. Heat transfer, mass transfer, and pressure changes are all coupled during the process to turn the elements into final products.

Types of Extrusion Machines Used

Extruders of various varieties, such as roller-type extruders, piston extruders, and screw extruders, are used in the food processing sector. The latter, which uses single, twin, or multiple screws moving within a barrel, is the most common choice among food manufacturers.

Role of Extrusion in the Food Processing Industry

Extrusion cooking is important in the food processing business because it may perform a variety of tasks, such as cooking, drying, mixing, kneading, melting, sterilizing, texturizing, and much more. The high-temperature, short-time technique aids in microbial condemnation reduction and enzyme inactivation.

Furthermore, this extruding process has a number of beneficial effects, such as gelatinization of starch, eradication of antinutrients, enhanced soluble fiber, and more, all of which aid food manufacturers in adhering to government safety guidelines and regulations set forth by organizations such as the FDA, HSIS, and others.

Nutritional benefits, less time, and more variety are just some of the reasons why extrusion has rapidly gained popularity in the industry. If you’re looking to incorporate extruders in your food processing plant as well, CFAM is here to help you. We have premium quality single-screw and twin-screw extruders. Our team will help you set up your plant and will provide extruder maintenance and operational support as well. Reach out to us now for more details.