To generate high-quality, well-cooked, conserved, and hygienic food, modern food production goes through a number of stages. Every food processing factory uses a variety of industrial equipment to make its unit activities successful, be it bakery goods, meat products, fruits and vegetables, canned seafood, etc.

By assisting procedures such as washing,freezing,isolating, mixing,and packing, this equipment contributes to the food production cycle. The majority of food or feed processing equipment is built to handle huge batches of various forms of material at a consistent rate.

The two main reasons for investing in this equipmentare to make high-quality food that is easily digestible without any inconsistencies and to increase the shelf life and durability of these food products. This blog explains this equipment in detail.

Preparation Equipment

Ingredient preparation is the initial phase in food production, and it entails mixing and combining all of the raw materials so that they can be processed later. Chemical and mechanical processing is used to filter away low-quality, undesired impurities out from raw material during the first step of food preparation. Sorting, cleaning, peeling are some of the most important tasks in the preparation process. Food processing factories use conveyor belts, pressure vessels, revolving blades, and similar types of machinery during this stage.

The preparation equipment in all food processing factories is a crucial predictor of the food’s quality and uniformity. It is critical in eliminating foreign debris and pollutants that could contaminate food production.

Mechanical Processing Equipment

When food companies are finished preparing the ingredients, they send them to be mechanically processed. Reducing,expanding,homogenizing, or altering the basic form of solid, semi-solid, or liquid food materials are all significant food processing activities. The goal of mechanically breaking down these food resources is to improve theirnutrition,  digestibility, and efficiency for all consumers.

While mechanical machinery performs consistent duties like the ones mentioned above, it also includes a variety of unit actions such as mixing, cutting, grinding, combining, etc. Extruders are quite important in this process. For mechanical processing, most food companies use screw extruders.

Post-Processing Equipment

Extrusion kills all the harmful bacteria in the food products, which increases their shelf lives.

Post-processing phases involve a variety equipment for other activities like refining, storing, and packing. All of these activities are done to further extend the shelf life of the product by preventing rotting or expiration.

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