If you’re in the food processing business, you’d know how much important it is to make sure that your products are always top-quality and your business doesn’t have any lapses in quality control during the processes.

For food manufacturers that deal in rice, seeds, nuts, etc., a food cloud colour sorter will prove to be a great addition to their production processes. Curious about how this equipment actually works and how it can streamline your QA? Here’s what you should know.

What is a Food Cloud Colour Sorter & How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, this machinery works to differentiate small food items with different colours than what they should be. Rice, beans, tea leaves, cereals, and nuts can lose their original colours due to possible impurities. Vegetables that have become dehydrated are also separated.

This also works well with food items that have varying sizes and shapes. Overall, this revolutionary food processing machinery works to identify minor defects and spots on the food items that tend to escape the eye during a human inspection.

How does Your Business Benefit?

The usage of an intelligent cloud colour sorter benefits your business in multiple ways.

First, the cloud feature is a game-changer in this equipment as it helps businesses assess the progress of their procedures in real-time. Second, it’s automated, making it very easy to maintain. And third, the LED lighting configurations help make the sorting much more precise.

Food and feed processing technologies don’t really get any better than this. Food cloud colour sorters help your business improve processes without leaving any stones unturned. At CFAM International, our V-Series Intelligent Cloud Colour Sorter is a top-of-the-line marvel of feed processing technology.

It’s easy to use, adapts to many different kinds of products, and can easily be upgraded to cater to the larger needs of your business. Furthermore, the auto programming and remote function help you operate it with much more ease. A colour sorter will bring agility and integrative tech to your business, which can also increase your net value.

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