The food extrusion industry was valued at $60.4 billion in 2019, before the pandemic, and is expected to rise to 81 billion dollars by 2027. It’s time to invest in a food extruder machine if you want to boost your food manufacturing company’s productivity and efficiency.

But wait, before you get a food extruder, make sure you do your homework on the machine you’re buying so you can get the most out of it. Consider these things before you buy an extrusion machine.

Type of Extruder

Piston extruders, roller-type extruders, and screw extruders are the 3 kinds of extruders commonly used to make packed food products, with the latter being the most common.

For food processing, you should determine if you require a single-screw extruder or a twin-screw extruder. Many experts consider the latter is the preferable option as it uses less energy and is easy to manage and sanitize.  Furthermore, a twin-screw extruder offers improved exhaust qualities as well as a simple material loading option. In addition, compared to single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders offer better flexibility, control, and productivity in feed and food processing.

A single-screw extruder, on the other hand, provides reliable and high-speed extrusion, and effectively transports and mixes the material.

Availability of Parts and Equipment

You’re misinformed if you assume a food extrusion facility just has food extruder equipment. A food extrusion plant has a variety of pre- and post-processing devices, ranging from conveying devices like the bucket elevator and large bag feeder to mailing and grinding machinery like the plain sifter.

To save the inconvenience of buying each item separately, get a food extruder from a company that also sells other equipment.

Company’s Reputation

Purchasing a food extrusion machine from an unknown vendor might be quite dangerous. You should select a food extruder manufacturer based on their track record of success. You should choose a company that offers advanced machinery so you don’t lose out on all the new innovations and features.

It won’t be too long for you to get trapped in the complexity of the food extrusion machine if you don’t have the technical expertise to handle it. That’s why it’s critical that whoever sells you the extruder provides you with quality customer service. Furthermore, heavy use of such machines might quickly harm them. In this situation, you’ll need prompt customer support to deliver assistance so that your extruder may be serviced as quickly as possible.

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