Extrusion technology has been making waves in the food production arena for some time now. We know that it can enable the production of a great variety of products in mass amounts, and in desired shapes and textures. It allows for a seamless, continuous process, which means lower costs and more production.

Food extrusion processes, however, are not a monolith. Extruders come in different varieties. The twin-screw extruder, in particular, is known for its efficacy.

How is a Twin Screw Extruder Different from a Regular Extruder?

The regular extrusion process involves one giant screw rotating within a barrel.

With twin screw extrusion, you have two inter-meshed screws which co-rotate as part of the process. They are mounted on splined shafts in closed barrels. With a twin screw extruder, you can be sure of the shaping, heating, cooling, compressing, mixing, pumping, and even transporting of the food—all at the same time.

Single Screw or Double Screw?

Single Screw or Double Screw

With single screw extrusion processes and machines, granular raw materials stay inside the extruder for longer periods of time. This means that single screw extruders take longer than twin screw extruders to produce the required results.

Additionally, twin screw extruders allow you to have greater control over complex procedures and operations. However, these controls are also a great deal more complicated.

For food production facilities where mixing and compounding are important procedures, twin screw extrusion works best. Twin screw extrusion is also particularly useful when it comes to working with polymeric materials. Since the design of twin screw extruders allows for greater flexibility, they can be used for very specific procedures.

Why Twin Screw Extrusion is a Good Idea During the Pandemic

A twin screw extruder gives you the option of not only adding more ingredients to your products, but also gives you the option of getting it done fast.

Since the pandemic has brought every industry to its knees, markets are looking for healthy food production that can be delivered quickly. Moreover, you will perhaps need to make up for lost production or boost your production in light of the current situation.

A twin screw extension can help you with both, and can additionally bring in greater profits due to lower costs and higher production.

Wondering Where to Buy a Twin Screw Extruder From?

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