Industrial equipment and machinery are prone to breakdowns and malfunction. One of the reasons behind the failure of a machine is misalignment and incorrect configuration. Laser alignment service eliminates the chance of these errors for machines that are connected by a shaft coupling.

While there are several ways to fix the alignment, laser alignment offers high-end precision and accuracy that other methods—dial calibration and manual eyeing—simply don’t.

How Does Laser Alignment Work?

By adjusting the linearity and angle of shafts, the laser systems enable the technicians to measure and perfectly align the coupling joints. This ensures that all machines are running in a straight line without any deviation that may affect the product’s quality at best and render the whole machine useless—along with collateral damage to the surrounding equipment and electrical systems as the worst-case scenario.

How Important is Laser Alignment?

To reduce vibrations, unnecessary maintenance costs and uptime, a laser alignment service can play a crucial role in the effective manufacturing of products. To understand why you need to consider laser alignment for your manufacturing/processing plant, let’s take a look at the costs of misalignment.

Misalignment can cause a serious misspending problem, not only in terms of money but time and labour as well. Even though most manufacturing factories plan the production keeping the downtime in mind, unplanned breakdowns can lead to high energy consumption, higher maintenance expenses, cut downs in production and therefore supply and lost labour wages as well as working hours.

Providing accurate shaft alignment, this is everything laser alignment can do for industrial equipment.

  • It increases the bearing life, minimizing the chances of early metal fatigues
  • It reduces heightened friction—which usually results in high energy consumption—between the units
  • By reducing the tension and stress on couplings, laser alignment prevents increased chances of breakage and overheating
  • It slows down the rate of wear and tear, by reducing vibration and noise as much as possible
  • Properly aligned shafts are better able to protect themselves against contamination or leakage of lubricants and seals
  • Even offset ration as little as 0.1mm can reduce the quality and reliability of equipment, which can be avoided by using laser alignment technology
  • Changing coupling inserts every other week or month can impact the bottom line of your production company, but with laser alignment, you can save big on this and other related maintenance costs.


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