Food distribution is a multifaceted process that involves collaboration with multiple organizations, communities and programs and involves a carefully designed strategy. From the initial production and manufacturing of raw materials to transportation, storage and delivery for the target consumers, warehouse sand government aid programs, food distribution can be made efficient by incorporating technology in the process.

The distribution process has come a long way since ancient times when people were relegated to the consumption of limited and fewer products. With technology and advancement, things have changed for the better. Here is how technology and food distribution go hand-in-hand to make the process less complicated and more cost-friendly.

Distribution Software

Since so many things are happening simultaneously and a number of moving parts are involved, the distribution process can be effectively streamlined by embedding technology in the form of an app or software. This can achieve a number of things, including but not limited to meeting deadlines, clear and open lines of communication, the accuracy of the tasks performed—at every level—and seamless processing.

The software can also be tailor-designed for every type of product and can ensure that all parties are able to schedule, process and manage inventory under a single platform.

This minimizes the risk of mismanagement and a lost record since each stakeholder has access to everything.

Tracking Software

Traceability allows distributors to have an end-to-end solution where everyone from the origin of the food products to warehouses and stores is in the loop. Inventory tracking can be especially tricky for mass-scale distribution and modern solutions allow for it to become more cost-efficient.

Traceability also allows distributors to actively deal with issues surrounding the ingredients and cross-contamination.

Concluding Thoughts

Technology has redefined the concepts of access and availability. Distribution systems—no matter how complicated—allow consumers access to products that are not available locally.

food distribution

However, an important aspect of efficient food distribution is localised food security. One way to achieve that is by eliminating the need of importing manufacturing equipment and using locally produced technology for production and distribution.

At CFAM Technologies, we believe in research and innovation and work with clients all over Africa for food production and manufacturing equipment. We provide extrusion cooking equipment to pet food and aqua feed manufacturers as well. Having been in the business for over two decades, our goal is to empower local communities by introducing food production through extrusion technology. We also offer localized maintenance and support services at the pre and post-processing stage.

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