The extrusion of foods is an emerging and in-demand technology in the food manufacturing industry. It helps companies process a large number of food products of different shapes, sizes, and textures efficiently and effectively.

If you’re launching a new product in the market that requires extrusion, it’s critical that you have a reliable manufacturer that you can trust to consistently provide the highest quality services. Hence, you should be extremely careful when hiring an extrusion company.

A reliable company will ensure that your product’s design and manufacturing process are efficient and optimized, which will save your business both time and money. Here are three key tips that will help you to choose the right extrusion company for your business.

Tip#1: Technology

Technology should be your top priority when searching for an extrusion company for your business. The entire process heavily depends on the technology used by the manufacturer. Of course, using the latest technology will result in higher levels of efficiency.

Therefore, avoid hiring extrusion companies that are still using outdated equipment. This is particularly important if the specifications of your projects are rigid and don’t have room for inefficiencies.

extrusion services

Tip#2: Resources

It’s critical that the company you choose for extrusion services has enough resources to accommodate your needs. Hence, you need to learn about the company’s size, competence, and financial standing.

A good extrusion company will have access to a variety of materials and be able to procure different types of a component without any hassle. It will minimize downtimes and ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice on the quality of your product.

Tip#3: Experience

Lastly, pick an extrusion company that has a track record of designing and manufacturing quality processing plants and equipment. An experienced company will be able to design reliable extruder that will last longer.

Learning about their experience and previous projects will help you make sure that they are competent enough to carry out manufacturing projects that involve a high level of precision without compromising on quality.

Bonus Tip!

Consider extrusion companies that not only deal with extrusion equipment but also offer other products plant processing equipment and manufacturing service.  Generally, they understand the manufacturing processes better, hence able to provide specialized and more superior quality services.

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