From the initial handling to packaging and delivery, food processing is a long, thorough, and complicated process. Comprising a number of minuscule tasks, the process requires excessive use of technology and equipment—all of which ensure health, safety, consumability, and preservation—among other things.

Food Processing

Food processing is also characterized by the preparation, handling, and packaging of products; none of which would be possible without the right equipment and components, all in place perfectly.

Today, we’re going to be talking about three most essential parts of food manufacturing equipment.

Weighing Systems

Optimal productivity can only be ensured with a perfectly working batch weighing system that keeps the quantity of every raw ingredient in check. Even a minimally off-scale weight can ruin the end product, turning the food into waste.

Advanced batch weighing equipment can not only check quantities and bag materials automatically, but also ensures absolute accuracy. Weighing is a critical step in food production, which is why it needs frequent calibration and maintenance. Talk to us about your batch weighing system’s maintenance needs.

Sifting and Milling Systems

Automated solutions for sifting and milling are ideal for handling high-volume raw ingredients. The process is crucial for achieving a product that’s uniform in texture and free of contaminants. Balanced textures are also important for easy and even cooking or baking.

Milling is an important part of consolidating grain-based products. Grain that is used in bread, flour, and cereals isn’t fit for consumption in its raw form, and thus requires milling.

Milling equipment is responsible for the cleaning, grinding, grounding and separation of grains by size and parts.

Milling Systems

Mixing and Drying

Blending equipment involves a number of components, including, but not limited, to water knives, slitter knives, rolling systems, and chemical exposure to enhance the testability or colours of products.

Drying machinery is responsible for balancing moisture levels in each item and ensures maximum preservation properties, especially in canned food.

Technology and innovation have played huge parts in advancements in the field of food production and processing. Research is the cornerstone of transformation in areas such as product development, extrusion cooking and waste processing.

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