From artificial intelligence to machine learning, industries are frequently juggling maintenance techniques to stay up to par with trends and profits. The purchase of advanced manufacturing equipment is a long-term investment and taking care of industrial supplies is an important element of industrial growth and efficient operations.

Interruptions in workflow and machinery downtime come with a list of financial costs. Experts believe just a single hour of downtime can cost companies well over $10,000.

A consistent machine maintenance strategy can prevent breaks and interruptions in the manufacturing process. However, business owners often struggle to decide between corrective interventionist plans to time-fixed, preventative strategies.

At CFAM Technologies, we’re always working to keep industrial machinery in top condition. Here are some of our favourite maintenance approaches.

1. The Corrective Maintenance Approach

Corrective maintenance is usually unplanned and targets a particular fault in machine operations that needs to be fixed. This form of maintenance is performed after failure of function is detected.

Industries following this approach will work to fix the isolated problem and resume processing from thereon. An advantage of using this method is that it requires very little planning and investment from the company. However, this may not work in the long-term because refusing to take care of machinery unless it causes a problem is a sure-fire way to reduce its lifespan.

2. Preventive Maintenance

This is a more time-scheduled maintenance approach that doesn’t wait for the machinery to fail or breakdown. The preventative approach is all about ensuring a company’s fixed capital remains in efficient form.

Checks and inspections are done on a routine basis and although that seems more time-consuming or costly in the start, it offers a greater return to business owners in the long-term. This is because any potential problems in industrial equipment can be detected well ahead of time to avoid large scale adjustments or replacements.

You can get in touch with our maintenance and support team for timely inspection of your industrial machinery.

3. Predictive Maintenance 

Similar to preventive maintenance, the predictive approach is focused on anticipating failure based on the condition of industrial equipment. This can be done by carefully monitoring the state of the manufacturing equipment and its performance.

At CFAM Technologies, we can use vibration analysis to detect any failures in a machine or use thermal imaging techniques to tell if the equipment has a dangerously high temperature.

Whatever strategy you choose to keep your machines in top condition, the maintenance and support team at CFAM Technologies will only be a phone call away! Call us at +27 (0) 18 285 1031 for help.

Remember, your machinery will last only as long as its quality permits. Purchase your industrial processing equipment from CFAM Technologies today!