When investing in extrusion technology, investors can choose between single screw extruder technology and twin screw extruder technology. Based on our experience, twin-screw extruder technology offers better value due to its wide range of applications.

Here are some benefits of using it for product development.

Better mixing capability

Owing to the diversity of its specialized screw designs and interpenetration of the screws, machines using twin-screw extruder technology offer outstanding mixing capability.

As a result, the extent of mixing can be accurately adjusted, facilitating control of the degree of mixing with regard to mixing quality and intensity. Single screw extruders, on the other hand, offer very limited mixing capabilities.

More consistency and better product quality

Compared to single-screw extruders, machines with twin-screw extruder technology provide better and more consistent quality products. This is mainly due to higher productivity and improved process flexibility, enabling businesses to develop more consistent and superior quality products.

Moreover, twin-screw extruder technology  compensates for the effect of screw wear through screw speed adjustment, which is not even possible to achieve with single screw extruders.

twin-screw extruder technology

Superior control of process parameters

Machines with twin-screw extruder technology provide accurate control of temperature profiles, higher convective heat transfer, and narrower residence time distribution; hence, they offer better control of process parameters.

Moreover, the lower dispersion of shear rates and strain helps to effectively control shear-time-temperature. This results in a much wider range of mechanical energy inputs, which helps to provide greater consistency when it comes to material conversion and overall product quality.

Improved process flexibility

Screw speed independency, throughput, and the ability to handle more than a single processing task in series enables twin-screw extruder machines to provide high levels of process flexibility.

On the other hand, the speed independency and throughput of single-screw extruders are heavily dependent and multiple processing functions are very limited.

Screw speed independency

Higher process productivity

Twin-screw extruder technology also helps lower downtime due to the ability to handle more varieties of raw materials and positive pumping action of the screws. Also, it facilitates mix formulations such as complex recipes without any hassle.

Furthermore, it provides screw speed-aided compensation of screw wear, unlike single screw extruders that show a decline in performance when screw wear gets increased.

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