To make the process of product development more efficient, innovative companies are increasingly looking for new methods to achieve design and engineering success. Some employ industrial design firms, while other organisations hire in-house designers or partner up with small skilled teams for this purpose.

Here’s why your company needs a professional design and engineering team:

Get an improved functioning design

A skilled design and engineering team looks at all the possible ways to achieve your desired processes and to do so efficiently. They stay on top of the latest technology and equipment trends and use their knowledge to integrate them into existing manufacturing processes. An experienced team determines the ideal solution with regard to ergonomics, reliability, consumer preferences, and costs.

Decrease your time to market

The biggest advantage of having a team of expert design engineers is that the manufacturing project is divided in a way where each stage of design and production is assigned to a member who specialises in that field. Having multiple experienced people working on a project makes it more likely that you’ll finish it on schedule — and in an efficient manner.

Improves the odds of developing more robust features

A team of specialised design engineers will continuously work on developing advanced techniques while working on ways to improve present applications. Their imagination and creativity will only improve and heighten the uniqueness and functionality of your designs, especially at the conceptualisation stage. Since each team member interprets problems differently, your product is bound to be more well thought out than you previously imagined.

Access to contemporary design equipment and techniques

A team of design specialists have more than just knowledge from experience — they’re up-to-date with the latest design practices and manufacturing processes as well. They learn and devise innovative ways of improving processes and solving problems. This manifests in increased inventiveness, state-of-the-art technology and better equipment.

Achieving a product of higher quality

Productivity isn’t increased by going through the trial and error process over and over again; instead it’s achieved by getting it right the first time round. Since an experienced mechanism design team creates the right product from the get-go, this gives them more time to work on finding parts with higher tolerance to decrease overall manufacturing time — basically improving the design.

At CFAM Technologies, we offer experimental training, internships and also assist Master Degree engineering students with their projects in the field of extrusion. In order to promote extrusion technology and its applications, we’ve established a joint initiative with the North-West University called ExtruAfrica that offers training workshops and practical training. Our team is continuously working on new ways to improve the process of developing food and feed products.

Moreover, we’re a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment and supplies for the food processing industry in Africa. Contact us for more information.